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Attendeed: Martijn Verburg, Sean Landsman, Ingo Hoffmann, Omar Bashir

  • Welcomed Omar as a new member!
  • Discussed JSR 363 – Units and Measures. Omar pointed out that it looked good overall but he had some concerns about the verbosity / boilerplate nature of having to use Factories and Builders in order to get going. He noted that the Java 6 compatibility made sense (IoT, Android and other older platforms). Martijn commented that DI of some sort might help tackle the verbosity, but that the Spec Lead and EG had likely discounted that in order to allow it to be used across a wider set of projects.  Omar will send in final feedback by Sunday the 7th.
  • Discussed the vote for JSR 380 – Bean Validation 2.0.  Unanimous yrs, Ingo noted it was early stages and that we should have a more careful review when there was the beginnings of a RI.
  • Discussed the vote for JSR 367 – JSONB – Group looked at outstanding issues and send a message to the Spec Lead over a concern that JSONPointer support had not been addressed.  Will wait until Sunday evening (7th) before casting final vote.
  • Discussed nominations for JCP awards. Unit of Measure and Jigsaw seemed to be the outstanding JSRs, more research required on the Adopt a JSR award.
  • Martijn will give feedback at the next meeting about the Aug 7th EC phone conference, covering Java EE 8 as Oracle sees it.


Martijn (on behalf of the LJC JCP Committee)

Attendeed: Martijn Verburg, Sean Landsman, Ingo Hoffmann, Abraham Marin-Perez

  • Welcomed Abraham and Ingo as new members!
  • Discussed and status of JavaEE 8 – the LJC will officially support MicroProfile and run hackdays against vendor implementations of the profile.  The LJC is waiting until JavaOne in Sept to see what is happening with Java EE 8 but hopes that Oracle will join the collaborative MicroProfile effort.
  • Discussed JSRs under review and agreed to go away and do more research and send feedback to the list:JSR 380 – Bean Validation 2.0 – JSR Review
    Appears on the ballot: 26 July 2016
    URL for proposal: 362 – Portlet Specification 3.0 – Early Draft Review 2
    Last day of review: 12 September 2016
    URL for EDR 2 materials:

    JSR 367 – Java API for JSON Binding – Public Review
    Appears on the ballot: 26 July 2016
    URL for Public Review materials:

    JSR 363 – Units of Measurement API – Proposed Final Draft
    URL for PFD materials:

  • Discussed an IP and copyright of APIs proposal that was put to the EC.  Decided that further in depth study was required before commenting.
  • Martijn will arrange the next meeting before the Aug 7th EC phone conference


Martijn (on behalf of the LJC JCP Committee)

Date 05/06/13

Attendeed: Martijn Verburg, Somay Nakhal, David Illsley, Simon Maple, Ben Evans
Apologies: Richard Warburton, Jim Gough

Thanks to Jim Gough for setting up the meeting

  • Simon took/is taking minutes for the meeting
  • Martijn to set up the next meeting doodle poll
  • JCP to put up a public calendar – Chasing to do their site refresh
  • ACTION Ben to put our vote through for 358
  • Red Hat wants to start the expert group for Java EE 8 with others including as many developers as possible, as early as possible, including participation from the LJC. We’re looking into helping with this.
  • Graham has stepped down – Action to write a thanks post
  • Still need a 3rd for Ben for the F2Fs
  • Martijn will likely step down as a 2nd to Ben so will need a 2nd and 3rd at some point
  • Wanting to increase the number of volunteers in the LJC JCP committee. The committee will reach out to individuals after a lack of success on the main mailing lists
  • The ‘What should the JCP do next?’ survey has been rubber stamped by the EC committee – so we’ll send this out soon to developers so we can pass this back.
  • Write a blog post about our position for JSR 358 – very little action on this – Discussed during the meeting and will write up in a doc/blog post as the LJC JCP’s statement.

LJC  JCP- Committee Meeting

Date : 23rd April 2013

Time: 18:30


  • Ben Evans

  • Martijn Verburg

  • Simon Maple

  • Richard Warburton

  • David Illsley

  • Somay Nakhal

Thanks for Jim for scheduling the meetings and JClarity for hosting

  • Take minutes – Somay

  • Send updates to OTN and Java magazine – Martijn.

  • JSR states on trello board – Updated by Martijn.

  • Previous month meeting minutes – posted by Simon.

  • Voting records on wiki – was updated by Ben.

  • Scheduling next Meeting – Jim volunteered.

  • Reach out to Spring about CDI – Martijn to follow up.

  • Landing page for Adopt a JSR – Martijn to talk to Sonya at to arrange it.

  • Blog about signing the OCA/JSPA – Jim to write blog.

  • How to run Adopt a JSR presentation – Richard to make available on

  • Blog post 358 position statement – All to update document.

  • “What should the JCP be doing?” Survey – Ben to take to Zurich meeting for the EC opinion.

Attended: Richard Warburton, Martijn Verburg, Ben Evans, David Illsley, Graham Allan, Somay Nakhal, Kim Ross

* Graham to schedule the March meeting
* Wrote a couple of articles for Java Magazine – Adopt A JSR & Hackday
* Still looking for a JEE person – failing
* JSON/WebSockets hack day done! Yaaaaay – very little feedback back to organisers
    * Short retrospective after the hackday?  (on the hack day and the JSR)
    * Split the hack day with experienced/novice users – offer intro to novice users
    * Possibly better to have joint hack days running on weekends
* David to write up JSON/WebSockets hackday feedback
* Richard to add the how to run a hackday presentation somewhere more visable
* Martijn to write a thank you post to Trish
* LJC to publicly write it’s position on JSR 358 – Google doc to put our thoughts in.
* David to take the tertiary position as the LJC JCP rep – to check with work first (GDS)
* Adopt a JSR global call – “Awesome call” – covered: Facebook page started by Brazillians, how to run a hack day, adopt a jar, bunch of git commits
* Adopt OpenJDK – Going well – Trying to get OpenJDK onto github. Looking into the best way to submit patches to OpenJDK

LJC JCP Committee Minutes for March 2013

Apologies for the delayed publication of these minutes. If you have any questions about what we’re doing or what goes on at these meetings, please get in touch.

In attendance:

Martijn, Richard, David, Kim, Jim

* David started a tradition of adding Puppies to minutes
* Martijn is to complete the Adopt a JSR community page and redirect the to the new community site. This could also include the following features:

  • How do I get started button
  • Coverflow of JSR status (content flow)

* Recent hack days were successful, however we need to get more feedback/follow up back to the Spec Leads, Expert Groups etc.

* Ben to pass onto the JCP EC that perhaps all of the lawyers ccurrently discussing JSR 358 could get together and write some guidance for corporate lawyers on how the JSPA and OCA work, an FAQ if you will.

* Encourage the “Adopt a JSR” programme to also focus on delivering feedback at the EC level, e.g. Try to kick-start more technical discussions on the EC.

* Ben to suggest renaming/repurposing the EDR stage to a “Tech Review” stage to encourage early tech review of JSRs.

LJC JCP Committee Minutes

Apologies for the delayed publication of these minutes. If you have any questions about what we’re doing or what goes on at these meetings, please get in touch.
In attendance:
Ben, Richard, Somay, Martijn, Simon, Kim, Graham

The committee met over the New Year and updated the trello boards.

No voting in January

Somay to organise Feb meeting

Adopt-a-JSR article for OTN discussion.  pre-submission

Engage Oracle in discussion with regards to their plans for JavaFX and standardisation – Resolved. Open Source

Got some momentum with JavaEE – 4 people and going….

Hardware for Adopt OpenJDK – Resolved. Not proceeding III – quick discussion to get us up to date.

Landing page for Adopt-a-JSR – In progress –
Looking for content input, Hashtag, graphics

Currency JSR… Ben has resigned. Concerns about how the JSR is progressing

Richard looking at scraping for calendar

Nashorn hackday – 2nd March tentative

EE7 in public review – query about why/how it’s ahead of some component specs

JSON JSR – Richard raised some concerns about performance considerations. David to follow up with EG

CDI 2.0 – If it happens, keen to see a broader participation.


  • Martijn Verburg
  • David Illsley
  • Somay Nakhal
  • Jim Gough
  • Trisha Gee
  • Richard Warburton

Adopt a JSR

General consensus to run the Adopt OpenJDK style hackdays for the Adopt a JSR program.

Action Items:

  • RW/JG/MV/BE – Write a “How to run your hack day” article for Java Magazine and the wiki – Google doc
  • RW – Organise a 308 Type annotations hack day
  • RW/MV – Organise a F2F with JAX organisers to sort out JAX London Lambdas Hackday in October
  • SN – Organise hackdays for CDI (contact Luigi) and JSON + Websockets
  • MV – Get hold of Colin Crist for JMS 2.0 (or IBM)


  • We will vote yes on SIP Servlet 2.0 (JSR-359), it simply brings an existing standard up to JEE6 which we think is a good thing.

Action Items:

  • BE – Submit “Yes” vote for JSR-359 (Done)


The rest of the meeting was spent discussing aspects of Java 8 and its modularity story, a decision was made to discuss further with Oracle.


Martijn (on behalf of the LJC JCP Committee)

Minutes for June 18th, as always, questions, comments etc are welcome!


  • Ben Evans
  • Trisha Gee
  • James Gough
  • David Illsley
  • Richard Warburton
  • Martijn Verburg

Thanks for Jim for scheduling the meetings and JClarity for hosting

JSR Voting:
355 – JCP Executive Committee Merge Public Review Ballot

  Voted Yes with comment:

The LJC believes strongly that Java is one platform and that a smaller, more focused committee will produce results on more responsive timescales.

358 – A major revision of the Java Community Process

  JSR Review Ballot Vote scheduled for June 28 – July 9th

  Discussed the background and a couple of minor points and agreed to follow-up via e-mail.


  • Successfully migrated to a project –
  • Now has a much larger communal mailing list ~ 67 members
  • Further discussion on JavaEE JSRs and low level of interest from the LJC. Had one additional expression of interest. Jim to follow-up on EE.


  • Not really a JCP topic, so in future going to move discussion out of this group.
  • Had a Lambdas hack day. Lots of interesting feedback. Trying to organise another one. Planned for 30 June.
  • AI: Ben: Blog about Lambda Hackday


  • JDK Statistical analysis tools – still talking to Oracle


  • Ben mentioned his piece on the BBC
  • Lots of Committee Representation at JavaOne!
  • LJC panel, BoF Adopt A JSR, BoF JSR 310, JavaFX, Modern Software Development Antipatterns, Disruptor, OpenJDK Building and testing


Ben Evans
Martijn Verburg
James Gough
Trisha Gee
David Illsley
Somay Nakhal
Richard Warburton


  • Everyone happy with meetings at jClarity offices.
  • JG to doodle for next meeting
  • RW to write up minutes from last meeting, and this meeting.

Adopt OpenJDK
The committee discussed the progress being made in this space.  A combination of a mailing list and an irc channel seems to have spurred contributions and made it easier to run and manage.  It would be a good idea to backport these to adopt a jsr.

  • Still plan to keep Adopt a JSR separate from Adopt OpenJDK.
  • RW + MV to setup a mailing list and irc channel for Adopt a JSR – (Done).

Brazil Face to Face

  • A lot of procedural discussion.
  • Several ME members not turning up.
  • Next version of ME will be rebaselined off of Java 7 in 18 months.
  • TOTVS (co-hosting with Soujava) introduced the Committee to Ginga-J – a Java-based digital TV standard used on top of the ISDB-T international standard (used primarily in Japan & South America)
    • This has the potential to allow developers to reach a South American user base of 350 million users via their TVs.
    • The potential and challenges that TOTVS face on the TV standardisation committees bear some similarities to those faced in other parts of the JCP.
    •  Strategies for co-operation with other standards organisations were discussed
    • Also ways to ensure that Java remains a central part of the ISDB-T story for IPTV.
  • Adopt Openjdk discussion at the Face to Face
    • Discussions with Anil Kumar at Intel.
    • Possible Hardware to host adopt openjdk.
    • Initially this could be hosted by LJC, but eventually broaden out to a larger community.
  • Some desire to extend the length of use for OpenJDK TCK to 5 years from Azul, however, no solid conclusions on the matter.

Lambdas Hackday

  • … went very well
  • Some bugs found, and some lessons learned for further hackday discussion.
  • RW to write up feedback for discussion on the mailing list – (Done).

Other Business

  • RW + JG to organise JSR 310 Hackday in London.
  • JG to investigate Java EE standards further
  • BE & MV to ask about putting Private LJC List read-only on the JCP Mailing List.

What is the LJC

The London Java Community (LJC) is a group of Java Enthusiasts who are interested in benefiting from shared knowledge in the industry. Through our forum and regular meetings you can keep in touch with the latest industry developments, learn new Java (& other JVM) technologies, meet other developers, discuss technical/non technical issues and network further throughout the Java Community.