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Hey guys,

As an LJC New year’s resolution, we are going to try and keep everyone updated with what’s going on within the LJC each month, so here goes with the first newsletter…

The LJC reached exactly 2050 members when the fireworks went off over Southbank. It’s great that we hit such a high level in 2011 and we’re keen to keep growing. December is always a slow month for new people joining the LJC, yet we still managed to enlist just under 40 new members which is pretty impressive given our relative lack of events in December. We also received 139 RSVPs to upcoming events, under half of the 288 RSVPs we had in November.


December was a relatively quiet month for us; the organisers were due a break after the relentless organization that went into this years superb Open Conference at IBM Southbank. That said we still managed to pack two events in.

Our first was the JDK8 Warnings Cleanup day, in which apparently “many CPUs were harmed”. With just a days notice we managed to get 10 people along and craft some patches despite the difficulty in building the OpenJDK. Special thanks to Mike Barker for providing the VM and a ton of build advice.

Later in the month we had our monthly Code Share, which has become a regular feature on the LJC calendar and is run by Ged Byrne and David Snowdon. 20 people from the LJC got along to solve a variety of Java puzzles, mixing with graduates from the Graduate Developer Community at QM University London. Ged and Dave have a busy schedule booked for this year, including the already packed out event this month on Concurrency.

JCP news

December saw a good uptake in people joining the ‘Adopt a JSR’ program.  The LJC is now actively working on 6-7 JSRs and 4 other Java User Groups around the globe have also joined in the program. As the program is only 2 months old, this is really encouraging news for the Java platform and community!  The LJC JCP committee also had its monthly meeting of which you can find the minutes at


Jobs – RecWorks 

Firstly a word from myself and RecWorks, the LJC Founders. For those that don’t know RecWorks is a recruitment consultancy working as an integral part of the London Java Community. We work with many of the best employers of Java developers in London. We work in every sector from investment banking to social gaming, working with blue chips to startups.

We are entering 2012 with a number of new positions. December is usually a quiet time for recruitment but we picked up several new clients in the final weeks of 2011. Our first new position is a contract for a Spring, Hibernate developer within an International music publishing company

Another new role we have is for a mid level Java developer, perhaps someone looking for their second role with a few years of experience within the fundamentals of Java development. Ideally, someone familiar with good practices. The role is paying up to 45k and further details can be found here:

We also have a position for a seasoned Java developer to build and enhance their current software portfolio, including a cutting edge technology widely used by money managers and investors. The role requires no financial experience although you must have experience with multithreaded programming/concurrency. More details here:

Training – Skills Matter

SkillsMatter are the premier European training organisation who run courses in Central London. They host many of our free evening events. They have upcoming events on a host of technologies including Spring, TDD, Groovy and Grails. More details can be found about all their courses here:

Member benefits

There is a growing list of benefits of being involved in the LJC including the Aggrity site, the LJC Book club and discounts to conferences. For more information see our Benefits Google doc here:

Coming this month

We are kicking off the years events on the 11th Jan with our most popular Code Share to date (27 on the waiting list) on Concurrency. We then have our monthly Developer Sessions on Tuesday 17th, which will be sponsored by Atlassian so expect stacks of free chips, pizzas and other fried foods. Finally, on the 1st February we take a look in depth at a new Open Source programming language, Xtend.

We are looking forward to seeing you at one of the events.

Warm regards,

Barry Cranford & Martijn Verburg

It was a superb evening on Tuesday night, thanks to Trisha and Mike for giving the presentation ‘Understanding the Disruptor, a Beginner’s Guide to Hardcore Concurrency’ – 12 reviews and just shy of 5 *s!

I have to say it really is rare that we get as much positive feedback as we did on Tuesday night.

Thanks also to Somay, Ged and Peter for the lightning talks. If you have the slides available please upload them to the LJC meetup page, or if they’re available online somewhere please add the comment to the event:

Thanks also to Steve and PlayFish – as I said last night we couldn’t ask for better hosts, especially with the beer fridge open all night.

Thanks finally to JAX London for the pizzas and free tickets (congrats Dan/Richard). For those still to check out JAX London then visit 3 weeks to go and Trish/Mike and 60 other presenters will be speaking.

I hope you had a good night. If you are potentially interested in a new position please check out our latest roles on our job page:

Thanks again all,


Hi all,

Thanks to everyone that made it out last night.

We had an amazing turn out, I didn’t count but looked like over 70 people in the audience. I had a lot of good feedback last night and you can see a review from Paul Grenyer here , the video will be available here  and please visit the Meetup event page or use the twitter tag #ljc_springroo to see or write comments and feedback.

Thanks goes firstly to Jan for coming down from Manchester to give the presentation last night and of course to Guy Remond and Cake Solutions for providing the pizzas and beer. Feel free to get in touch with Jan (Technical side) or Pete (Business side) for further information on Cake. It is well worth checking out the upcoming Agile World Conference that is being organised and run by Cake Solutions. Thanks also to Arthur Embleton for the Lightning talk on Play Framework, again it was well received from all I spoke to after the event. Finally thanks to SkillsMatter for providing the venue and making these events so easy to organise.

Whilst we don’t have any Spring Roo positions, we have a lot of roles involving Spring. If you would like to check out our latest jobs visit our job board. Please remember that we have new jobs in every week and some are placed before we advertise them, so for the best positions give Andrew, Kenric or myself a shout and we’ll let you know which roles would be the best match for you.

Our next presentation is on JVM Cloud Platforms – looking forward to seeing you there –


Hi all,

Thanks to everyone that made it out on Tuesday night.

We had a good turn out, I would say around 60-70 people came and went through the night. I understand many war stories were discussed, although as usual people seemed more keen to discuss recruitment war stories with me, which there seems to be no shortage of. We had a really good cross over with members from the Graduate Developer Community and had a few people along that have been getting involved with our the GDC Project Euler challenge which is open to LJC members and GDC members, but more suited to entry level developers (or those wanting to cross train into another language).

Special thanks to John, James and Martijn for greeting throughout the night and helping to build such a supportive atmosphere. If anyone is interested in helping out with some greeting in the future please let me know.

Don’t forget to check our latest jobs here although please remember that we have new jobs in every week and some are placed before we advertise them, so for the best positions give Andrew, Kenric or myself a shout and we’ll let you know which roles would be the best match for you.

Sign up to next months Developer Sessions here –

We are most likely going to base the event around the theme of Java in the Cloud, as we are having two presentations next month on Java/JVM Cloud platforms and tools.


What is the LJC

The London Java Community (LJC) is a group of Java Enthusiasts who are interested in benefiting from shared knowledge in the industry. Through our forum and regular meetings you can keep in touch with the latest industry developments, learn new Java (& other JVM) technologies, meet other developers, discuss technical/non technical issues and network further throughout the Java Community.