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The London Java Community’s next free event is – ‘User’s Guide to the Disruptor’  on Monday 30th April at 5:30pm.

Please see link for details and to sign up –

Trisha Gee will present “User’s Guide to the Disruptor”. The Disruptor is an open source concurrent programming framework developed by LMAX, a financial exchange based in London. While it is currently fashionable to talk about using languages or frameworks to hide away concurrent programming, the Disruptor provides a way to do quite the opposite – to enable developers to think about how to parallelise their architecture in a straightforward and easy to code fashion. In this presentation, Trisha Gee from LMAX will use her infamous diagrams to demonstrate how to dissect a problem into pieces in such a way that you can identify which parts are can run in parallel and how to manage dependencies between them. She then shows how you can translate this into an implementation using the Disruptor.

This is another chance to see the session given at QCon London and premièred earlier this year at Skillsmatter.

Please see link for details and to sign up –

It was a superb evening on Tuesday night, thanks to Trisha and Mike for giving the presentation ‘Understanding the Disruptor, a Beginner’s Guide to Hardcore Concurrency’ – 12 reviews and just shy of 5 *s!

I have to say it really is rare that we get as much positive feedback as we did on Tuesday night.

Thanks also to Somay, Ged and Peter for the lightning talks. If you have the slides available please upload them to the LJC meetup page, or if they’re available online somewhere please add the comment to the event:

Thanks also to Steve and PlayFish – as I said last night we couldn’t ask for better hosts, especially with the beer fridge open all night.

Thanks finally to JAX London for the pizzas and free tickets (congrats Dan/Richard). For those still to check out JAX London then visit 3 weeks to go and Trish/Mike and 60 other presenters will be speaking.

I hope you had a good night. If you are potentially interested in a new position please check out our latest roles on our job page:

Thanks again all,


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