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Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well and enjoyed our first ever ‘un-party’ last month. This month we are hosting a Mini-Open Conference, similar to our LJC un-conference but on a smaller scale. Im sure its going to be loads of fun, hopefully see you all there.

If you are interested in getting involved in some more event over the next two weeks here is a list of what is happening in London:

Monday 10th February
The Smart of War : Being female and competitive in the Technology and Computing industries
Next Monday evening, 10th Feb, LJC and GDC members are invited to an open, participant-driven session on the subject of competitiveness in the Tech/Computing industries. We will be pooling our collective knowledge and discussing whether competition for resources is done differently by women, and sharing strategies for competing to win in the male-dominated tech sector.
There is no charge for this event and it’s open to women and men. We’ve also arranged for the tubes to be running on the night! Nearest tubes are Angel or Old Street. Food and drink will be provided.
For more details and to register
CV clinic on the night – if you need CV advice and career guidance, RecWorks will be running a CV clinic.
**This event has now happened – we’ll keep you updated with future events..**

Monday 10th February
Chord: A Scalable Peer-to-peer Lookup Service for Internet Applications
Thanks for the last meeting, was great to see so many of us liked the Raft paper!
For the next meeting let’s read Chord: A Scalable Peer-to-peer Lookup Service for Internet Applications.
The flow is as always:
• Check out the abstract,
• read the paper at home and,
• drop by to the Hammersmith Ram to discuss the protocol!
Paper Cup – The Reading Club
**This event has now happened – we’ll keep you updated with future events..**

Tuesday 11th February
Code & Coffee (Old street)
Code & Coffee is a cool meeting for those who like coffee and love writing code. The idea is simple. Just come along and you may find other developers writing some code before going to work while drinking some coffee and/or having breakfast.
Look mum no hands!, 49 Old Street, London, EC1V 9HX
London Software Craftsman Community

Tuesday 11th February
JBoss Data Grid Webinar Series; Part 3:Testing and Monitoring Your JBoss Data Grid
4:30 PM – 5:00 PM GMT – In the last part of the webinar series we will cover the introduction to tools we can use to performance test JBoss Data Grid; we will look at the different tools we can use to monitor JBoss Data Grid in production; we will also provide a brief demo using specific tools used for both testing and monitoring a JBoss Data Grid.

Tuesday 11th February
1) Sharpen Brain 2) Flex Fingers 3) Hack
West London Hack Night is on the boards again! After January’s rousing digital duet between Justin Bieber & Metallica, February has its work cut out for it.
So join us for a coding challenge, some brain stimulation and an evening with the kind of people who like a coding challenge and some brain stimulation.
As usual we’re upstairs in the Crown & Anchor
West London Hack Night

Tuesday 11th February
Google Compute Engine and Docker
Marc Cohen manages the Developer Relations teams for Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Storage and will provide an introduction to using open-source software Docker on the Cloud Platform.
Docker is open-source software that is used in the startup community. Google recently announced support for Docker with Google Compute Engine. This event will provide an introduction to getting started with Docker on Google Compute Engine.
Docker London

Wednesday 12th February
JBUG EVENT: Extending WildFly
WildFly is fully modular application server where most of functionality is implemented by sets of extensions also known as subsystems.
Subsystems give you low level access to application server’s functionalities such as:
• JBoss Modules for class loading
• MSC for services
• Deployment processors
• Domain management model
The talk, presented by Toma? Cerar – Software Engineer at Red Hat – will show how to implement a new subsystem that will scan deployed applications and detect custom framework specifics and react to them.
JBoss User Group

Wednesday 12th February
Have your head in the clouds
Welcome back for the first Londroid meetup of 2014! See link for more details..
London Android Group

Monday 17th February
Evening Code and Coffee / Craft Beer
Every fortnight, we meet for coffee, code, craft beer, and some great food.
This is a great opportunity to:
• meet other cool software craftsmen
• work on pet or open source projects
• pair with someone else on whatever you like (katas, koans, etc)
• ask someone to join or help you with your own project
• have a face-to-face meeting with your mentor or mentee
• have a nice chat over coffee and beer
We’ll be meeting in “Look mum no hands!”, a laptop friendly cafe/bar that’s open until 10pm, and sells great coffee, excellent beers, and some tasty food. They also repair bikes and hang them from the ceiling like chandeliers, because why not?
London Software Craftsman Community

Tuesday 18th February
LJC: Mini Open Conference
In the past we have had a number of very successful LJC Open Conferences. This is the first of *hopefully* a series of mini-open conferences.
It will be an evening in which you can attend a range of talks, workshops and practical sessions, drawn from the experiences of those in industry. Its a great opportunity to learn with up to 10-15 sessions during the evening, including lightning talks, open source project overviews, live hacking, roundtables and a whole lot more.
Essentially the content will be entirely driven by the attendees on the evening.
London Java Community

Tuesday 18th February
Code & Coffee (Central London)
Code & Coffee is a cool meeting for those who like coffee and love writing code. The idea is simple. Just come along and you may find other developers writing some code before going to work while drinking some coffee and/or having breakfast.
55-59 Oxford Street, Marylebone London, W1D 2EQ, London
London Software Craftsman Community

Tuesday 18th February
Code & Coffee (London Bridge)
Code & Coffee is a cool meeting for those who like coffee and love writing code. The idea is simple. Just come along and you may find other developers writing some code before going to work while drinking some coffee and/or having breakfast.
Caffe Fratelli
Victor Wharf, Clink Street, London SE1 9DG
London Software Craftsman Community

Thursday 20th February
Scala Coding Dojo
A regular coding dojo session run on every third Thursday of the month. The dojo is now held regularly at the central London offices of TIM Group.
London Scala Users’ Group

Wednesday 19th February
7 languages in 7 weeks: Haskell
A workshop run in the Code Dojo format for people reading and working through the Pragmatic Programmers book “Seven Languages in Seven Weeks” by Bruce Tate. This time, we’ll be starting Haskell.
London Code Dojo

Saturday 22nd February
Coder Dojo Shoreditch
Coder Dojo Shoreditch is back on Saturday February 22nd.
This theme for this is session (though it will change for each session) is Graphic Design for Web Pages and we’ll be teaching you to do more colour and styling of your web pages with CSS and learning how to use graphics editor PIXLR
All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the entire duration of the session.
All young adults bring a laptop so they can get involved.
Up and coming CoderDojo’s are on the following dates: 15th March, 17th May, 21st June
Free tickets are available at

Tuesday 25th February
February date for your diary – Meeting of the Manchester Java Community – Content TBC
Manchester Java Community

Wednesday 26th February
Special Event: Hacking Blind
You know that language you’ve heard about? The one you fancy giving
a try, but haven’t got around to? This West London Hack Night Special
is for you! We’ll be doing the usual hack night with one big twist:
No-one can use a language they know anything about.
We’ll have an ultra-simple challenge, and your job is to go in
completely blind and hack a solution in a language you’ve never used
before, in 90 minutes.
West London Hack Night

Thats everything for now, If you’re interested in getting your group or event on the list then please contact me on for further assistance.



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